First steps.

The sellers wanted 3 months settlement time, which suited us because we needed to decorate our old house ready for sale so made good use of the time. In fact we were on the cusp of selling it just as the settlement date drew close and it was settled not long after we moved which was ideal.

It was after we arrived that the full extent of the problems we’d face renovating the property became more apparant. The previous owners had effectively gone bankrupt so they’d been unable or unwilling to do anything to the property that cost them money. Simple straightforward maintenance had been ignored and essential remedial tasks had just been ignored. I’m not going to pass on a catalogue of the problem areas we identified fairly early on but yes, they were ‘many and various’. One however bears mentioning.

We learned very quickly that the reason the dam smelled so bad was that the septic tank (situated directly above it) hadn’t been maintained. The system required a working pump for almost a year and the previous owners hadn’t had it repaired with the result that the ‘second tank’ was over flowing with untreated water. Our immediate task was to call in the experts, have the tank emptied and the pump repaired. It took nearly 6 months for nature to work on the surrounding ground and make it sweet smelling again, but it was a task well done.

The ‘old’ house.

Around 15 years ago the wife and I bought a 700 sq metre block (and an oddly shaped block at that)┬áin a suburb called Rouse Hill which was a greenfield development around 40 minutes or so from Sydney CBD. On this block we built a huge house of the type known around Sydney as a McMansion because of it’s size and location.

We modified it to suit our needs, as far as possible, even adding a swimming pool but essentially as we changed, our needs changed. To be honest, even though we lived in the house for such a long time and despite it being to a design we chose I was never really happy in it, even though everyone else was. The result was that after several years of nagging, the wife agreed we could afford to move and I started looking for an ‘ideal home’.

On your marks…

Hi everybody. This is the first post of the new blog called ‘Green Acres’. In here I’m hoping to create a record of our ‘daily doings’ as we spend our days working on and around our small ‘hobby farm’. Where possible (i.e. when I work out how) I’ll be adding photos to make a visual record of the changes we hope to make. It’s also intended to be a history and/or working record of our mistakes which might help other people avoid making the same ones in future… tho I admit this is unlikely.

I’m not sure exactly how to blend in the events of the past year but I think I’ll probably just write short ‘histories’ of what we’ve been up to interspersed with what we’re doing currently so please bear with me if you’ve already seen or heard these stories before. :)

I’m also likely to diverge drastically from the ‘hobby farm’ discussion into wildly different areas, such as politics or cooking so agai, please bear with me. Blogs are often very personal affairs so they can be a tad idiosyncratic in style and content.

Anyway, as the title says… on your marks… get set… let’s go!