The requirements of the ‘new’ house.

With permission to look for a new home finally granted (as the breadwinner the wife holds the purse strings) I started making lists of features the new place should have. To begin with the new place had to be within fairly easy reach of public transport. The wife works in Sydney so needed to be able to catch a train or bus into the centre and park her car nearby. We still have two children in school so not disrupting their education was another important consideration. Then we needed to add in the practicalities of what I really wanted.

To begin with I wanted acreage… 5 acres minimum. I’ve always wanted ‘space’ around me. I love gardening and like animals so the space needed to be usable but not necessarily to the point of being prime agricultural land. The new place needed to be near ‘bush’ to make sure we had some wildlife around us, but not to the extent that the block was covered in trees. The other requirement was that the new house had outbuildings. I’ve collected a *lot* of junk through the years and it takes up a lot of space. In fact, our double garage in the old house was filled floor to ceiling with books, tools, etc so this was a ‘must have’. If those features were met, there was little else important. Even the style, age and size of the house we were looking for was highly flexible. As long as it had 4 bedrooms it would do.

The self imposed restrictions meant our search was carried out in a 10 – 15 kilometre circle centered around the small town of Dural, which was close to the children’s school.

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