The search.

So I looked… and looked… and looked realising very quickly that ‘Google is Your Friend’ wasn’t just a slogan. Armed with the blurbs from Real Estate Agents and Google Maps I was able to work my way through a myriad of possible con tenders, none of which were ‘quite right’. We visited a few ‘potentials’ in person but even when my wife and kids were enthusing I held back because, again, nothing felt quite right.

One weekend we were preparing to visit yet another couple of properties and whilst everyone was getting ready I found myself chatting to my father in the UK via Skype. As we chatted I carried on browsing and found myself looking at a ‘new listing’ on the site of Rance Blamey a local Real Estate Agent. The specifications looked reasonable so we added it to the list. In fact it went to the top of the list because their ‘Open House’ was starting at 10:00 a.m.

We arrived, looked up the driveway. It was a corner block so we walked around the property to look from the side then went in to check out the house etc.

I walked in through the front door, looked at the dining room and lounge room and as I walked up the stairs I turned to the Andrew Blamey, the agent, and told him I wanted it. He seemed a bit shocked and told me to at least wait until I’d seen the rest of the place before making any decisions. Sorry but my mind was made up even before we viewed the rest of what was on offer.

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