Woohoo… the Alpacas are coming!

I had a call last night from Harvey at Milpaca to say they are ready to deliver the animals I ordered way back at Easter! Longish story (again) but worth retelling for completeness as it’s not been covered anywhere else yet.

I think I might have mentioned already that the 5 acres is currently a  ‘hobby farm’ and so not producing any income. It’s likely to stay that way for some considerable time, but even so we figured we’d like to have animals around so starting looking for something suitable. I very quickly discovered that Alpacas were ideal. They are very gentle on the fragile Australian soils so cause little damage. They are *very* easy to look after since they rarely seek cover, or food supplements, or even regular veterinary checks. They don’t spread manure all over the place but choose a few favoured spots and use those to the exclusion of all others and are all in all very hardy animals. Their only vice is that they can… and do… spit if annoyed. :)

So when the Easter Show came around I went off to make enquiries and do some research. While there I met a couple of guys who run an Alpaca stud in the south of NSW and eventually ordered a few animals from them. We wanted two wethers (castrated males), and two pregnant females with babies. This we felt would give us a fighting chance of establishing a bit of a herd without costing us a fortune. I think we’re going to be paying around $3,000 but even at this late stage I’m still not exactly sure how much!

Whilst all this was going on I put a few feelers out to see if there were any other animals around that needed rehousing and got a call from Bossley Park High School that they needed to rehome theirs… so up came two free ones! They sent up a wether and a female which have been here for several weeks and seem comfortable enough so far.

That’s the state of play as of 9:00 today. I’m awaiting a call to say they are on their way and to find out exactly how much they’ll be costing us. It’s all quite exciting really!! :D

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