On your marks…

Hi everybody. This is the first post of the new blog called ‘Green Acres’. In here I’m hoping to create a record of our ‘daily doings’ as we spend our days working on and around our small ‘hobby farm’. Where possible (i.e. when I work out how) I’ll be adding photos to make a visual record of the changes we hope to make. It’s also intended to be a history and/or working record of our mistakes which might help other people avoid making the same ones in future… tho I admit this is unlikely.

I’m not sure exactly how to blend in the events of the past year but I think I’ll probably just write short ‘histories’ of what we’ve been up to interspersed with what we’re doing currently so please bear with me if you’ve already seen or heard these stories before. :)

I’m also likely to diverge drastically from the ‘hobby farm’ discussion into wildly different areas, such as politics or cooking so agai, please bear with me. Blogs are often very personal affairs so they can be a tad idiosyncratic in style and content.

Anyway, as the title says… on your marks… get set… let’s go!

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