About ‘Green Acres’

Welsh Dog and his family moved to their new home back on 1st July 2013. The property is a 5 acre block on the outskirts of metropolitan Sydney. It had a variety of features that makes it ideal for the family allowing them space to have fun and experiment with animal husbandry. The property had been suffering from a lack of maintenance for some time so major works were required to bring the outbuildings to a usable state. During the first year some of these improvements have been made and many lessons have been learned, but there are many more of both to come. The blog is set up to record some of the steps being taken along a path that will lead to… well… who knows where!?!

By the way, the ‘header picture’ shows our dam early on a misty morning in April 2013 with our four Chinese Geese sailing majestically across the water. It was taken with a Samsung Galaxy 3.

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